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Fantasy Garage did a full paint correction and 5yr ceramic coating on my Porsche and the car looks better then it did brand new!

~ Amy R.

Wheel Repair / Powder Coating

Have a bent or damaged wheel? No problem! With state of the art equipment, we are able to repair and refinish almost any type of damaged wheel in any size and width.

Want to change the color of your wheels? No problem! With our full service powder coating packages, we can handle the entire process with ease. There is no need to have your tires dismounted, remounted or rebalanced.. we do it all!

PPF (Paint Protection Film)

Paint Protection Film (PPF) and Windshield Protection Film (WPF) protects your vehicle from rock chips, scratches, sand, salt and other outside elements.

All PPF/WPF installations are prepped with a full wash, dry and thorough clay bar treatment before applying the film.

Each PPF job is backed by an 8 year warranty so you can drive more and worry less!

Ceramic Coating

Our standard 5-year Ceramic Coating for vehicles offers a plethora of benefits, making it a popular choice among car owners looking to protect and enhance the appearance of their vehicles.

One of the primary advantages of ceramic coatings is the exceptional level of protection they provide for the vehicle's paint. The coating forms a strong, transparent, and durable layer on top of the paint, acting as a barrier against various environmental contaminants. It shields the vehicle from dirt, road salts, bird droppings, tree sap, and other harmful substances that can cause paint damage and deterioration over time. This protective barrier is also highly effective in reducing the impact of minor scratches and swirl marks, keeping the car's paint looking newer for longer.

Vinyl Decals & Wraps

Express yourself with vinyl! We offer complete color change wraps, custom printed wraps, vinyl decals, Instagram name stickers, rally prep packages and so much more!

Window Tint

Block out unwanted heat and harmful UV rays while boosting your vehicles appearance with any of our window tint packages.

Benefits Include:

Deflects UV rays & heat | Cooler vehicle | Reduced glare | Privacy | Prevents glass shatter if broken

* All level 2 and higher window tint packages offer a lifetime warranty against manufacture defects for as long as you own the vehicle.


Save your windshield from rock chips with our Next Generation Windshield Protection Film combines our best-in-class scratch resistant hardcoat with the latest in cutting-edge polymer technology to build a windshield protection that can endure the road ahead. Our film also blocks 99% of the harmful UV Rays!

GLASS Repair & Replacement

Tired of looking at that chip in your windshield? We can fix it before it gets worse! A cracked windshield is dangerous and unsafe. We offer in-house glass repair for all makes and models of vehicles.

Need your windshield replaced? Contact us with your year/make/model of vehicle and we can get you a quote and time frame!

Exterior Care & Modifications

Keep your vehicle looking sexy with our core exterior services like paint touchups, paint correction, clay bar and ceramic coating.

We can also restyle your vehicle with things like carbon fiber, spoilers, lip kits, exhaust, and so much more!

This is the type of shop Tulsa has been missing!

~ Richard V.

I stored my AC Shelby Cobra at Fantasy Garage and they kept me updated each time they completed the check lists including a detail.

Dave M.